"Justin's ingenuity and persistence were meaningful to the reception of my work--several doors opened that I hadn't even known to knock on--and his poise, whatever the strain or rush, was always impressive."

Brian Blanchfield, author of Proxies: Essays Near Knowing

"Justin Hargett is an enthusiastic supporter and an excellent all-around publicist. He approaches publicity in a thoughtful and meaningful way, and his loyalty makes working with him a pleasure. I highly recommend him for your project."                   

Cara Black, author of Murder in the Marais

"When it comes to getting the word out, Justin Hargett is your man. He understands that while skill, savvy and professionalism are all ingredients of good PR, it's that personal connection that makes all the difference."

Stuart Neville, author of The Ghosts of Belfast and The Final Silence

"Justin Hargett handled the publicity for my first published novel. At the time, the publishing world was brand-new to me. I didn’t know where to start, what my responsibilities were, what I should expect a publicist to do. Justin listened to all my newbie questions with patience and gave me solid advice that I took to heart, that made a real difference, and that I’ve repeated to new authors more times than I can count. But let’s get down to the most important thing: he got my book all kinds of coverage in major review outlets and helped to create a buzz that had a big impact in sales. He really knows his stuff, and he’s a pleasure to work with."

Lisa Brackmann, author of Rock Paper Tiger and Hour of the Rat

"Justin Hargett has all of the essential skills of a great publicist. He's tremendously creative when it comes to crafting the message and finding the news hooks, he's absolutely dogged in pursuing the right outlets for every project, and he's equally discerning in knowing when an author's time is better spent elsewhere. And unlike most people in his profession, he holds a highly sophisticated knowledge of many of the subject areas on which he works; this allows him to communicate complex ideas effectively without dumbing them down. All of these things have made him tremendously popular among his peers and given him a wealth of contacts at virtually all of the major media outlets crucial to book publishing."

Tim Bartlett, Executive Editor, St. Martin's Press